Dream Magic

Night Spells and Rituals for Love, Prosperity and Personal Power

By Sirona Knight

Dreams are the source of creativity. They are expressions of experiences that are seeking to become real. When you practice dream magic, you do not just focus on what your dreams mean, you use magical techniques, in the context of your dreams, to help them come to fruition. This book challenges you to step into the river of dreams and purposefully and actively use dreaming for making magic.

Each morning when you get up, you have expectations about how the day is going to progress. These expectations are like a basic dream that you have about how things will turn out in the future. In the case of a day, if you drive to work, you expect to arrive safely. If you are working on a contract or project, you expect and intend for the outcome to be successful.

The basic misconception regarding dreams is that somehow they aren't real- that somehow you should disregard your dreams and go on with your life as if they don't exist. This attitude negates your expectations and desires and says the experience you have each night should simply be cast aside. I disagree with this old-school attitude. Your dreams are energetically and experientially very real, and this book shows you how to tap into their power to enrich your life. Dreams are fields of energy in the form of creative sparks that need to be kindled, fine-tuned, nurtured and fed, and brought into full flame. The magical dream spells and rituals presented in "Dream Magic" are intended to do just that and to help make you dreams come true!

The "True Love Spell" that follows is a sample of the rituals and spells contained in "Dream Magic."

Tonight's Magical Adventure

True Love Spell

You can do this spell any night just before going to sleep to draw your true love closer to you whether you have met this person or not. A fireplace or campfire works great in place of the incense burner for burning the bay leaves. In ancient times, priestesses at the Oracle of Delphi used bay leaves to induce a prophetic trance.

List of Items needed: 1 white candle, Incense censer with charcoal block, 4 dried bay leaves, Romance novel or book of love poems.

Spinning the Spell

Draw a sacred circle, set your dream guardians in place, and call in a favorite love Goddess or God. Next light the candle, the incense, and the charcoal block. Then crush three of the four bay leaves one at a time between your fingers, over the charcoal block, so that the pieces fall on the ignited block and burn. Each time you this, focus on your true love's image if you know what he or she looks like. If you haven't yet found your true love, then focus on the candle flame, and allow whatever images come forth to drift in and out of your mind.

Bay leaves flaming in the fire,

Bring to me heart's desire,

Blessed Earth, Moon, and stars,

Bring my lover, near or far,

So dream it! So mote it be!

Do this three times with three of the bay leaves. Take the last bay leaf, hold it in your hands, and say,

Sacred scented bay leaf so green

Bring the true love of my dreams.

So dream it! So mote it be!

Do not burn this leaf. Place it inside the pages of a romance novel or book of love poems. Select a page with a favorite passage or poem. Allow the candle to burn down completely. As you drive to sleep, repeat silently to yourself, "Bring the true love of my dreams." In the morning, write down what you recall of your dreams in your dream magic journal, thank your favorite Goddess or God, and then pull up the circle and release you dream guardians. During the next four months, your true love will come to you. He or she may also have a passion for the smell of crushed bay leaves.

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