Sirona Knight, M.S., C.H.T.

I was born on Samhain when the veil is the thinnest between this world and all other dimensions. I have a diverse family heritage extending on one side to Northern Italy, tracing my lineage back to the De Medicis, and on the other side Scotch-Irish, Welsh, and British ancestry. My ancestors include James Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Institute. For over twenty years psychology, folklore, and spirituality have fascinated me, but my first love has always been the Earth-spirited tradition of the Goddess. I'm a vegetarian and have been a Third Degree Craftmaster of the Celtic Gwyddonic Druid Tradition for over 13 years. I also have a master's degree in Stress Management from California State University. My readers are my life blood, so I do media appearances, chats on the Net, regular guest appearances at Barnes and Noble in Chico, California, and am a Guest of Honor and High Priestess at the annual Real Witches Ball at Salem West in Columbus, Ohio. I have been a Contributing Editor for Magical Blend magazine for the past three years and a featured writer for New Age Retailer and Aquarius magazines. My home is on ten wooded acres in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, where I live with my spiritual and writing partner, Michael, our son, Skylor, our dogs (beagles), and a family of cats.

Michael Starwyn

I experience life and life experiences me on the level of the whole. I believe in Goddess. I believe in God. I believe in Oneness. This is who I am, in both simplicity and complexity. I write because I feel compelled to do so by a force much stronger than myself, in much the same way that I've always been drawn to do music. The whole experience is an innate part of me. My interviews, articles, and music express these ideas because the concepts are universal, and a part of us all, which is what Oneness is all about.

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